Why I Chose McLean – Four Times!

“When my knee was replaced, I chose McLean. The experience was as perfect as a knee replacement rehab stay can be and in 10 days I was almost ready to walk home. Less than a year later, I was in a head-on auto collision. With over 25 broken bones, I needed a place to recuperate – McLean was one of a number of choices offered – but for me, it was the only one. I returned the next year, when one of my breaks had to be reset, and again a few months later when my broken ankle bones required yet one more surgery.”

The Rehab I Needed to Stay Independent!

“I love my independence, and McLean helped me get back on my feet again after a fall down the steps that led to hip replacement surgery. I am so grateful to have gotten the care I needed to get back to the home I love.”

– Beatrice

The Care I Needed to Stay Out of the Hospital

“I highly recommend McLean if you have congestive heart failure. At McLean they really care, and the team there helped me learn what I need to do to stay healthier. For instance, I monitor my weight daily so I know if I am retaining fluids. If I see changes, I know to not wait like I had in the past, I call my doctor immediately before I get in trouble.”

– Gladys, Living with Heart Failure Program Participant