Breathe Easy.

For those with COPD, our Breathe Easy Program includes the multidisciplinary expertise of McLean’s own registered nurses and occupational and physical therapists. Our experts assess needs to help patients:

  • Understand Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)
  • Strengthen endurance, posture and balance
  • Conserve energy and pace themselves
  • Learn techniques to clear airways
  • Identify nourishing foods for optimal health
  • Prevent serious illness by knowing what symptoms to report and when
  • Communicate effectively with their doctors
  • Establish a long-term “Breathe Easy” plan that fits their lifestyle
  • Use oxygen equipment effectively and safely
  • Cope with COPD-related social and emotional stresses

Any adult with COPD can enroll in Breathe Easy upon learning about the chronic lung condition or when breathing worsens at home or following a hospital stay for lung complications.

The McLean Breathe Easy Program is offered in four ways:

McLean Post-Acute Center - after a hospital stay if intensive nursing and physical and occupational therapy are necessary to stabilize your breathing.

McLean Home Care - a team of nurses and occupational and physical therapists will help with managing COPD at home.

McLean’s Outpatient Rehab Center - occupational and physical therapy can also help patients with COPD management.

McLean Hospice Team - only if a patient is in the advanced stages of COPD and chooses to live well with comfort care.

Payment may vary from insurance to private pay arrangements, depending upon each person’s individual circumstance. We can help navigate insurance coverage depending upon individual needs and physicians’ orders.